Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My heart aches for Jerusalem. I have been thinking about it a lot lately. Michael applied for next Spring/Summer, so I looked up plane tickets to go visit him. 1800 dollars. Sad day. I guess I can't go back until I am rich...wait, that will be never. I need to start saving my $$$. At least he can get me those 20 pashminas I need and possibly some olive leaves from Gethsemene, maybe some earrings, some dishware, a new hebrew ctr ring, AND possibly a new shirt and T-shirt from my friends in the Old City. There are many things I miss but especially these places:

These crazies:

My favorite place in the world...

My second favorite place in the world...

Galilee...Have you ever seen anything prettier??

And going to bed with this view outside your own window, EVERY NIGHT.

How did I get so blessed??

I LOVE finals.

Okay, maybe I don't LOVE them, but they do fill the library to capacity AND allow me to see 20 girls all asleep on the couches in the bathroom on the fourth floor. Don't they know what disgusting germs live in those couches??!! I have also surprised myself with how little knowledge I have retained from the semester. Interesting how that happens. I spent nearly 50 hours on a research paper and I don't like it. I wish that teachers would have separate due dates throughout the semester to keep me on track...yes, maybe I should do that myself. But, I am pretty busy so I can't always achieve that. Now I only have 2 finals to go, which will still be hard, but come Friday night I am a free woman. And come next week, I will be in these two places, LOVING my life.

How much better could it get? Yes, it could always get better, but I need to keep myself satisfied. AND, what better way to do it then with Malibu beach and San Francisco!