Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm off...

Peace out everyone. I feel a little numb to emotions right now and I'm sure it will hit me pretty soon. Remember me by thinking of the picture above....a highlight of my life.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just sayin'

Just thought I'd throw this picture out there. I think we'd be pretty cute together. (not meaning Jen).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baka/T.E.A.M. = Kickball Champs

Okay so we might have gotten second, but that's not too bad for upper division. Not sure how we made it this far except for the fact that we are AWESOME. I think it also had something to do with our ability to get into their heads with those handstands and constant screaming and cheering. Go us. It rained most of the game and we got nice and dirty.

I like camping.

Cait and I before the hike began. Scott said it would be an easy 25-30 min hike and it was a pretty steep 51 minute hike. It was worth it though.

This is a view on the hike. Kind of pretty...
Jon frolicking around the meadow. He was trying to get people to join him, but no one was...
Cait and I in the morning looking our best.
Here is the signature group shot...we all looked really good cause we just woke up.
This is only 1/4 of the meadow. It was really so pretty.
All of the grass was wet and the wood, but don't worry...Jon the airforce man came through.
We forgot to count and ended up with 6 in the car on the way back...don't worry, it was actually comfortable.

I did it! I went camping in American Fork canyon and slept outside for the first time. We hiked through the canyon for almost an hour and then slept in this HUGE meadow. There were probably a million to a billion stars out. I saw one shooting star. We laid out a tarp and then slept right on top of it...with a sleeping bag of course. I wrapped myself up nice and tight because it was pretty cold and slept really close to Cait. Then Peter laid the tarp on top of us and tucked us in so we stayed dry during the night! Luckily we had it on top cause it kept us warmer and it rained in the morning. I think the funniest thing about the trip was Nick's decision to sleep in a hammock with only a sheet on top of him. He was running around at 5:30 am saying he was so cold and trying to start a fire. Hammocks are for beaches or mountains when it is actually over 40 degrees outside. I almost forgot...I found my first four leaf clover and my second!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Comings and Goings

Roommate love for Charity on her mission. She is the queen of jumping pictures, so we did one in remembrance of her on her birthday last Friday. I sure miss her.
Redneck Olympics. Probably my favorite part of the day was going to Sonic and Cam trying to rip off his orange vest in one move in one second. It was sooo funny.
After getting a little cleaned off. We are really good at taking pictures.
My husband and I. Don't worry, I am just pregnant and he may or may not be my first cousin. No big deal.
My hot roommates. After Cath got a huge chunk of mud in her eye and we worked to clean her up. She was a good sport and Bert defended her honor by beating up the guy who did it.
Best dancer at special olympics. She came out of her shell after about 20 minutes.
I loved this little girl. She would come up to me and look at my tag and hug me. Little children are so wonderful and I can't think of anything more precious.
This guy was one of the sweetest people I have EVER met. I could feel his goodness and his pureness every time we spoke.
I miss Jen. She is a great person.

So, May and June, so far, have been filled with some great events. I went home for 2 separate trips- One for fun after graduation and then an additional one for my brother's college graduation! I did some fundraising for Special Olympics, which was a pretty good learning experience. I moved back into the Colony for a month because it felt like the best thing to do. I will be in Taiwan in two weeks, which brings a good mix of emotions. I am not sure if I am excited, nervous, sad, etc. But, I have to go now so I might as well try to be excited. I think the weirdest thing is that I am going to be a legit teacher. What are they thinking?! I will even have parent-teacher conferences. ha. what a joke. I will sure miss a lot of things back here though. I already miss my family a WHOLE lot. o geez. 8 months. It will go by fast...I just know it. And I am sure at the end I will not want to leave.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pretzel-cracker Joy

So, this one time I went on a backpacking trip. We went to Walmart beforehand to buy some treats for our journey. We saw this box and it brought quite a great surprise. Lets just say they were eaten VERY fast. Today, Megan bought some more and they were just as GOOD.

Swine Flu

I have been quite ill the past week and yesterday I was tested for swine flu. A dream come true. I went into the doctor's office and put on a fancy mask, did not touch ANYTHING, and I noticed this lady backing away from me. She asked me if I had swine flu and after about 5 seconds yelled something at the person she was waiting for and DARTED out of there. I always knew I had an effect on people. One of the nurses told me not to get near her and breathe on her. People can really be too kind sometimes. Jen and I sure thought it was funny though.

Warning: Try not to be tested for swine flu because the test is quite painful- A longgg swab is put in your nose as far back as you can imagine, it's rubbed around for about 10 seconds, while burning like heck.

Either way, it was an experience and of course, I am ridiculously tough so I can handle the pain.