Monday, September 13, 2010

Harry Potter

i finally got my chance to be Harry Potter. i awoke last Saturday and dressed in my finest robes, much to my roommates suprise. read here for a enlightening explanation:

i had many little children following me around. one little boy stayed with me the entire time. another told me she was my biggest fan. we were interviewed on video (seriously) and many could not stop their cameras from taking pictures. being a celebrity is hard. your eyes start to hurt from all the flashes.

Friday, September 10, 2010


i got to see lake powell and the grand canyon in one weekend. woo hoo, lucky me! seriously though, they are b-e-a-utiful! we stayed at jacob lake, went on a really cool hike with horrible nats, saw the GRAND canyon, ate some good mexican food, sang a few good celine dion songs, and swam in lake powell.

horseshoe bend. really, really cool.

this mexican restaurant in page, arizona had a shrine to laura bush. apparently, she had come there and they had her take a picture with every single person there. this picture did not capture all of their pictures on the wall.

this is the invention we came up with to get rid of the nats- undressing and swinging your clothes around your head.

there is a painting in the mexican restaurant that looked exactly like this. we thought it would be appropriate to recreate it right at the grand canyon. spencer and lisa=lovers, katie=dead eagle, mallory=baby deer, charity & tess=frame

after the weekend was over, we convinced spencer that a weekend with 6 girls is the best way to travel.

cutie pie.

there are some more great kodak moments but of course i do not have them.