Wednesday, June 22, 2011


i am off to canada today to visit jenlee and see some bears. i don't know why i love canada so much, but i'm itching to get across the border. it's too bad they don't give stamps in your passport.

i have a problem that i developed- the need to go on constant trips. my need will be fulfilled for the rest of the year.

june- canada
august- san francisco
sept- sacramento (cait's wedding :) )
oct- new york CITY
nov- la

i like that list. although i wish israel or turkey or greece or england or peru were on it. next year.

now, on to some other important stuff.

i just went to hip hop class last night. oh goodness. we popped, locked, and dropped it too many times and i loved every second.
i also had tennis lessons yesterday and i love those.
i am doing insanity and it is insane and i love it.
jimmer held the door open for me last month and i'm pretty sure everyone thought we were dating at costa vida. maybe i dreamt that part? but we did walk in together?
i branded a calf.
megan and i WILL go to jimmy fallon in nyc in oct. he will probably want us to come sit on the front row.
i love visiting teaching.