Wednesday, June 22, 2011


i am off to canada today to visit jenlee and see some bears. i don't know why i love canada so much, but i'm itching to get across the border. it's too bad they don't give stamps in your passport.

i have a problem that i developed- the need to go on constant trips. my need will be fulfilled for the rest of the year.

june- canada
august- san francisco
sept- sacramento (cait's wedding :) )
oct- new york CITY
nov- la

i like that list. although i wish israel or turkey or greece or england or peru were on it. next year.

now, on to some other important stuff.

i just went to hip hop class last night. oh goodness. we popped, locked, and dropped it too many times and i loved every second.
i also had tennis lessons yesterday and i love those.
i am doing insanity and it is insane and i love it.
jimmer held the door open for me last month and i'm pretty sure everyone thought we were dating at costa vida. maybe i dreamt that part? but we did walk in together?
i branded a calf.
megan and i WILL go to jimmy fallon in nyc in oct. he will probably want us to come sit on the front row.
i love visiting teaching.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

j. biebs

i went to go see never say never with a month or so ago (but a teenage girl came along so it's not weird). very.good.experience. how can you not enjoy a movie that you get too sing along to without anyone getting mad? not too long after, a bunch of us were having a very serious conversation about him. my friend catherine said she did not like him (joking, of course) and i asked her to tell me why she didn't like this adorable, canadian, teenage singing sensation (minus his music). here are some things we came up with...

1. hangs out with ludacris, who is a bad influence. okay, this might be true, but if i could be friends with luda, i would. especially if he put me in a joking headlock.
2. he looks like a girl. who can blame him for being prettier than most girls?!
3. he's too flirtatious. well, duh! there's nothing to worry about though because he comes from a good, christian upbringing. his gpa will keep him in line.

that's pretty much all we came up with. now, on another note, i found the 13 reasons why you should give him a chance.

1. he's not part of the disney machine

2. he's a grass roots success

3. he is really talented (and bilingual!)

4. 16-year-olds can be good musicians too!

5. all teen idols go through an awkward hair stage

6. he's charming, but not douchey

7. conan and bieber have a ~thing~

8. he's into animal rights

9. “bieb”- it's just fun to say.

10. it's pretty cool to see a 16-year-old hanging out with usher and ludacris

11. his new CD is good!

12. he doesn't like Uggs

13. you can't fight a good pop song