Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i miss summer but i still love snow

i decided to change one of my outlooks on life. i love winter! i went to seattle a couple weeks ago for FUN and it rained a few of the days. i liked it. then i came back and blizzards and 5 degree weather started taking over this place. i finally realized that i like those too. i dont like how it gets dark at 5 pm, but i'll get used to it. now, this does not mean that i don't LOVE summer and the sun and miss the water and heat.

camping at hobble creek manor=sleeping inside the house and taking lots of pictures

camping in spanish fork at a saweet, secret spot.

cabela's with my random and wonderful family. my brother pushed me around in that wheelchair cause i thought i was dying.

apparently they almost tipped over, but that just happened to be my grandma's favorite part. i always knew my adventurous side was from my grandma.

summer didn't turn out exactly how i expected- definitely did not end the best. boys and being sick will sure do that to you! but, winter is here and christmas is in less than 24 days, which means i get to be with my family. life is sure a wonderful blessing.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

moab + fenny

my dear friend fenny visited america this summer for a month. she got to go to dc, colorado, utah, and la. she flew into la and stayed with my family, while my wonderful friend staci showed her around la. thankfully she came to utah so i could spend some time with her! she was a secretary/teacher at my school in taiwan and helped me so much. i also stayed with her for a few weeks at her house. her mom took care of me- her family is so great and the last time i spoke to them over skype, they were trying to set me up with some taiwanese boys so i would move back. probably not going to happen, but it was sure nice of them to try! anyways, im so glad i got to see her- we went to moab and stayed at our friend rachelle's apt in salt lake for the weekend.


lindsay, my roommate from taiwan!

cool taiwanese pose.

the weather started getting really crazy- this picture shows my new haircut

the lightening was so loud and pretty scary. we ran the ENTIRE way back from delicate arch. it started pouring the second we got to the car.

this shows the weather a little- i legitimately thought i was going to be struck by lightening.

this was at about 7 at night- it looked like it was 2 in the morning. creeepy.

i love this because it shows exactly how fenny is- she just decided to take a picture of me eating my breakfast. or her plate of food or a bunch of plants outside my gma and gpa's. plus, those pancakes and strawberries look sooooooo good.

my cute grandparents and fenny.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

bear lake

okay, this was a million months ago, but it is still important. first time at bear lake=success. we slept on the tennis courts (see below), went tubing, i did a triple back flip off the tube and into the air about 10 feet off the tube, sailed, read, talked, played, died from hypothermia in a glacier lake thingy, played tennis, ate a raspberry shake, made and ate the best vegetable tacos ever, celebrated our pioneers on pioneer day, lit smoke bombs and sparklers with all the little kids, went hot-tubbing, and i'm sure much more.

charity's cute little niece who hung out with us almost the whole time.

bloomington lake. so refreshing. okay, it actually wasn't refreshing.

the homestead.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

marcell the shell with shoes on

this is one of the cutest things i've ever watched. hopefully you'll watch it when you're having a bad day because then it probably won't be bad anymore! but then i really just hope you're not having a bad day. i hope you're having a good day and this makes it better.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Harry Potter

i finally got my chance to be Harry Potter. i awoke last Saturday and dressed in my finest robes, much to my roommates suprise. read here for a enlightening explanation:


i had many little children following me around. one little boy stayed with me the entire time. another told me she was my biggest fan. we were interviewed on video (seriously) and many could not stop their cameras from taking pictures. being a celebrity is hard. your eyes start to hurt from all the flashes.

Friday, September 10, 2010


i got to see lake powell and the grand canyon in one weekend. woo hoo, lucky me! seriously though, they are b-e-a-utiful! we stayed at jacob lake, went on a really cool hike with horrible nats, saw the GRAND canyon, ate some good mexican food, sang a few good celine dion songs, and swam in lake powell.

horseshoe bend. really, really cool.

this mexican restaurant in page, arizona had a shrine to laura bush. apparently, she had come there and they had her take a picture with every single person there. this picture did not capture all of their pictures on the wall.

this is the invention we came up with to get rid of the nats- undressing and swinging your clothes around your head.

there is a painting in the mexican restaurant that looked exactly like this. we thought it would be appropriate to recreate it right at the grand canyon. spencer and lisa=lovers, katie=dead eagle, mallory=baby deer, charity & tess=frame

after the weekend was over, we convinced spencer that a weekend with 6 girls is the best way to travel.

cutie pie.

there are some more great kodak moments but of course i do not have them.

Monday, August 30, 2010


summer summer summer. last year i had an early summer with no job, waiting to go to asia. then i worked the rest of the summer in a foreign country, trotting around to unknown places each weekend. this summer, i'm working full time. i wish summer was forever, but i guess it really doesn't make a ton of difference when i'm not going to school!

outdoor movie on the capitol lawn. it was actually pretty neat-o to have the capitol building all lit up behind you.

a little guitar in the car. you've got to keep yourself entertained...

oh, dinner on the balcony with wonderful roommates from the past who are almost all married and pregnant (okay, only one).

my little boys. how i adore them.

colony reunites once more. we can't get enough of each other. really.

what is with the guy in the background!? haha. included in this picture are 3 of the greatest people ever.

STEWART FALLS...i feel a need to go on this hike all the time. i don't exactly know why, but i do love it a lot. it is always so beautiful.

i look like an idiot in this picture, but andrea just looks too precious to pass up putting it on.

WINCO. it provides many entertaining possibilities.

i'll have everyone know, sam REFUSED to put his feet in the picture. i still have no idea why.