Saturday, January 30, 2010

Share the gospel!

So before I decided to go to Taiwan I was also planning on going on a mission. After some talks with the bishop, Taiwan was where I was supposed to go. He said I could share the gospel and make the same kind of impact in peoples' lives...that is if I tried. Now that I'm traveling I realize just how much you can share the gospel. Who cares if they don't speak your language! I collected a bunch of Thai pass along cards and they are like candy. Plus, they are free! Taxi drivers, strangers, teachers, etc. Anyways, just sayin, share the gospel. It has never been one of my biggest strengths, but it is kind of fun to work on it.

Kind of a random post and I plan to write more, but no pictures yet....AND everytime I get on the computer I forget my journal. I would remember nothing without that thing. ALSO, I am with a professor from BYU who is pretty rad. He brought a few students here and we are staying in a super nice hotel, which is a really great change from the super cheap, dirty hostels :)

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