Monday, May 24, 2010

st. george.

I love st. george. seriously though, so so much. i think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

the pretty pretty rainbow on the way to st. george. i'm very thankful it was NOT raining down there. the weather was quite perfect.

see that sun?? right now it is snowing and i wish i could see the sun.

happy as a clam, except for the fact that i am not in asia traveling.

jen told me that i could suck some sort of juice out of the middle of the flower and she was right!

here is everyone that went minus jen who is taking the picture and another set that were back at the house. the best surprise was bethany (who i worked with and went to jerusalem with) who i did NOT know was coming.

so beautiful!

i rock climbed up this wall. super easy.

i love jen lee. the boys really liked trying to climb up the walls.

haha, i just love this picture. aren't they the happiest of friends?

we are best friends, can't you tell?

scrambling required?

just scrambling...

we went to this river/stream place that my friend knew about, but he forgot to inform us (or maybe he didn't know) that the water was zero degrees. i was forced to go in to my knees, but no further. instead, i just wandered around while andrea put mud on her face and jen took pictures.

matt actually got in the water- so did ben and ed. crazy boys.

here we all are again with jen trailing in the back (behind the camera, not the one with no shirt on).

after all the hiking we went 4-wheeling and swimming. there might have also been a synchronized swimming show. the house was great, the scenery was beautiful, the food was so good, the company was fun, and church was uplifting. jen, andrea, and i shared a room that had 3 beds in it and had lots of wonderful laughing attacks and possibly a small concert at 3 am. i want to go back right now and breathe in that fresh air and sit and watch the stars.

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Charity said...

fun lis. i like you and i like your blog.