Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i miss summer but i still love snow

i decided to change one of my outlooks on life. i love winter! i went to seattle a couple weeks ago for FUN and it rained a few of the days. i liked it. then i came back and blizzards and 5 degree weather started taking over this place. i finally realized that i like those too. i dont like how it gets dark at 5 pm, but i'll get used to it. now, this does not mean that i don't LOVE summer and the sun and miss the water and heat.

camping at hobble creek manor=sleeping inside the house and taking lots of pictures

camping in spanish fork at a saweet, secret spot.

cabela's with my random and wonderful family. my brother pushed me around in that wheelchair cause i thought i was dying.

apparently they almost tipped over, but that just happened to be my grandma's favorite part. i always knew my adventurous side was from my grandma.

summer didn't turn out exactly how i expected- definitely did not end the best. boys and being sick will sure do that to you! but, winter is here and christmas is in less than 24 days, which means i get to be with my family. life is sure a wonderful blessing.

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Bethany said...

lisa!!!! you are my favorite! i miss you! are you in utah??? keep blogging, i love the updates!