Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The great day of graduation

Just imagine the cougar growls in cougar town.

So precious.

The fam and the random sign given to me by some guy...good thing I really am! (click to see sign)

Just some hot boys and girls. Missing lots of others that came to the soirée, but weren't in the picture. A killer game of four square was played that evening in the parking lot. Did I forget to mention that my dad was Jolyn's dads basketball coach 25 years ago! sheesh. They were able to reunite this evening. What a touching moment.

Another precious picture. Oh those Nicholls' boys. That Shannon's pretty hot right now too.

Grandpa # 1 smoking a cigar.

Grandpa # 2 smoking a cigar.

Man, I love being graduated. Maybe too much.

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