Friday, June 5, 2009

Swine Flu

I have been quite ill the past week and yesterday I was tested for swine flu. A dream come true. I went into the doctor's office and put on a fancy mask, did not touch ANYTHING, and I noticed this lady backing away from me. She asked me if I had swine flu and after about 5 seconds yelled something at the person she was waiting for and DARTED out of there. I always knew I had an effect on people. One of the nurses told me not to get near her and breathe on her. People can really be too kind sometimes. Jen and I sure thought it was funny though.

Warning: Try not to be tested for swine flu because the test is quite painful- A longgg swab is put in your nose as far back as you can imagine, it's rubbed around for about 10 seconds, while burning like heck.

Either way, it was an experience and of course, I am ridiculously tough so I can handle the pain.

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