Saturday, June 20, 2009

I like camping.

Cait and I before the hike began. Scott said it would be an easy 25-30 min hike and it was a pretty steep 51 minute hike. It was worth it though.

This is a view on the hike. Kind of pretty...
Jon frolicking around the meadow. He was trying to get people to join him, but no one was...
Cait and I in the morning looking our best.
Here is the signature group shot...we all looked really good cause we just woke up.
This is only 1/4 of the meadow. It was really so pretty.
All of the grass was wet and the wood, but don't worry...Jon the airforce man came through.
We forgot to count and ended up with 6 in the car on the way back...don't worry, it was actually comfortable.

I did it! I went camping in American Fork canyon and slept outside for the first time. We hiked through the canyon for almost an hour and then slept in this HUGE meadow. There were probably a million to a billion stars out. I saw one shooting star. We laid out a tarp and then slept right on top of it...with a sleeping bag of course. I wrapped myself up nice and tight because it was pretty cold and slept really close to Cait. Then Peter laid the tarp on top of us and tucked us in so we stayed dry during the night! Luckily we had it on top cause it kept us warmer and it rained in the morning. I think the funniest thing about the trip was Nick's decision to sleep in a hammock with only a sheet on top of him. He was running around at 5:30 am saying he was so cold and trying to start a fire. Hammocks are for beaches or mountains when it is actually over 40 degrees outside. I almost forgot...I found my first four leaf clover and my second!

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