Monday, August 30, 2010


summer summer summer. last year i had an early summer with no job, waiting to go to asia. then i worked the rest of the summer in a foreign country, trotting around to unknown places each weekend. this summer, i'm working full time. i wish summer was forever, but i guess it really doesn't make a ton of difference when i'm not going to school!

outdoor movie on the capitol lawn. it was actually pretty neat-o to have the capitol building all lit up behind you.

a little guitar in the car. you've got to keep yourself entertained...

oh, dinner on the balcony with wonderful roommates from the past who are almost all married and pregnant (okay, only one).

my little boys. how i adore them.

colony reunites once more. we can't get enough of each other. really.

what is with the guy in the background!? haha. included in this picture are 3 of the greatest people ever.

STEWART FALLS...i feel a need to go on this hike all the time. i don't exactly know why, but i do love it a lot. it is always so beautiful.

i look like an idiot in this picture, but andrea just looks too precious to pass up putting it on.

WINCO. it provides many entertaining possibilities.

i'll have everyone know, sam REFUSED to put his feet in the picture. i still have no idea why.


Jae said...

That guy in the background is my friend Neal. Good guy.

JenLee said...

Ha ha, Jae knows the guy.

Um, I love this post. Also, I want all your pictures from this summer (I mean, the ones I was there for).

JenLee said...

Also, I love how Tom is grabbing your head.

Charity said...

thanks for being my date at that dinner. i like you. commenting on your blog. it is fun.

Samuel James Dunn, Esq. said...

Look, I didn't want my feet in the picture. That should be good enough for you.