Saturday, February 20, 2010


Thailand. I went to three main area in Thailand. Northern, southern, and Bangkok. This awesome professor from BYU came with his wife and three students. They were so fun and it was definitely nice to stay in some places that didn't have cockroaches or lots of mold or dirty beds. We visited with lots of organizations that are doing some pretty incredible things. It is amazing to meet people who dedicate their entire lives to serving...especially in some remote area where they don't expect anything in return. Yet, they really do get extraordinary gifts in return and are so happy. Sadly, I don't have a picture of all the girls, but just imagine some great looking faces. After they left, I stayed down on the beaches in southern Thailand. I know, poor me. I think everyone in the world needs to take a trip down there. Just stay out of the bars.

This is the white temple. I know, creative name. It was pretty creepy actually. I mean it was really cool looking and everything. Just trust me on this one. There were some weird murals inside.

After the girls left, they gave us a bunch of junk- shampoo, soap, lots and lots of food, etc. We felt very homeless. We carried around about 4 huge plastic bag for a couple days. We had no idea what island to go to, but don't worry we figured it out. It just took a taxi, bus, stranger, passenger boat, pick-up to get there. And boy it was worth it.

This is a sign for the island we ended up at. It was about 80 percent muslim so there was barely strict alcohol laws and people wearing more clothes. I'll have you know that I counted 4 people with one-piece bathing suits. seriously. There were ten times more girls who were topless (not an awesome surprise) and men who were wearing questionable speedos. The zebra one was my fave.

Here is the sunset on Koh Yao Noi. Seriously incredible.

So we met some boat driver and we got him to take us to an island that had no people. And he delivered. We had about 4 hours on a perfect white sand beach and perfect clear water. Don't worry though, check out what our captain changed into or rather took off once we got there.

Yea. Those awesome undies are just his underwear. He proceeded to tell me that he has no wife and his children don't live with him so he was looking for a girlfriend. He asked me if I had a boyfriend and I told him I left him at home to work and pay for my trip. I'm not sure he realizes I am not looking for a 50 year old boyfriend who wears blue underwear on the beach.

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Shan said...

Ha! I love it! So good chatting with you today. I love your pictures. It's fun reading about all your travels!