Sunday, November 28, 2010

moab + fenny

my dear friend fenny visited america this summer for a month. she got to go to dc, colorado, utah, and la. she flew into la and stayed with my family, while my wonderful friend staci showed her around la. thankfully she came to utah so i could spend some time with her! she was a secretary/teacher at my school in taiwan and helped me so much. i also stayed with her for a few weeks at her house. her mom took care of me- her family is so great and the last time i spoke to them over skype, they were trying to set me up with some taiwanese boys so i would move back. probably not going to happen, but it was sure nice of them to try! anyways, im so glad i got to see her- we went to moab and stayed at our friend rachelle's apt in salt lake for the weekend.


lindsay, my roommate from taiwan!

cool taiwanese pose.

the weather started getting really crazy- this picture shows my new haircut

the lightening was so loud and pretty scary. we ran the ENTIRE way back from delicate arch. it started pouring the second we got to the car.

this shows the weather a little- i legitimately thought i was going to be struck by lightening.

this was at about 7 at night- it looked like it was 2 in the morning. creeepy.

i love this because it shows exactly how fenny is- she just decided to take a picture of me eating my breakfast. or her plate of food or a bunch of plants outside my gma and gpa's. plus, those pancakes and strawberries look sooooooo good.

my cute grandparents and fenny.

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Allison said...

Lisa! I can't believe how much you travel! A. it makes me jealous:) and B. I love the pictures you post!