Sunday, September 20, 2009


I don't get it. Really. The kids here LOVE beetles. We have show & tell every Friday. The kids love sharing their crazy asian trinkets. Not once, but twice, beetles were brought in for show & tell. The latest ones were 4 x as big as the first one.

I was brave the first time. Don't worry, I was seriously freaking out. My kids were loving it. Thankfully, I survived.

What the?? These ones didn't smell very good close up. They do look pretty cool. It is kind of sad. Kids put them in a tiny box that is filled with these little shavings. That's it. You can't even see the beetles because they are buried in the shavings.

I did not hold this little guy. Aragon told me it bites. I was not taking any chances.

Haha. Larson HAD to have a kissing picture after he saw mine. I sure like this guy. (the kid, not the beetle).

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Jo said...

I love that you're overcoming some of your fears while you're in Taiwan. I love you. And I love beetles. I love you more than beetles. I also think that the kids you teach are absolutely adorable. Hey, keep it up champ. You rock. Let's skype sometime or something. Love ya.