Friday, September 4, 2009

Dress up anyone??

Man, I LOVE my first grade class. They are full of energy, crazy, spazzy, annoying (haha, I actually love it), and loud. I usually bring in objects for them to write day, I brought some of my own things...clothes, towels, hats, bags, shoes, etc. They are obsessed with putting on everything. They are a happy little bunch.

Aren't they the cutest things in the world?!

Jason, ready to go fishing or hunting... my pajama shorts. haha.

Becca, using a tae kwon do belt as a scarf.

haha. I LOVE this kid. He put on everything I owned and brought to class on his body. All the kids were laughing so hard.

Belinda in all her weirdness. She can sure make some crazy noises.

Emily doesn't like taking pictures. At least I got this one of her looking like a crazy psycho.

Becca...has clothes on under the towel, don't worry.

William also has clothes on underneath the towel.

I did reading assessments this week with every student and it was interesting to see how different everyone was. We read this book where a kangaroo accidentally spilled milk on her friend and splashed water on another friend. I asked them what they would do if that happened to them and 5 of the 7 said they would be really mad or would tell the teacher. There were those 2 though that said they thought it would be funny and they couldn't figure out why they should be mad. I wish all kids would have answered that way...I loved how I expected those 2 to say that as well. They are such good natured kids. All of them have to go to school for about 9 hours every day, if not more. They don't spend much time with their families and therefore, most of the disciplining has to take place at school. And, most places in Taiwan, you are allowed to hit students when they misbehave. Don't worry, I'll never go there...I have hugged them a few times though when they are bad in class. They secretly love it.

Next week is all about dinosaurs. I'm excited. I know it is bad to lie, but I might have told my students that I have a pet dinosaur. He/she is a little taller than me. I seriously did not think they would believe me, but they TOTALLY do. They ask me almost every day about it...and to make matters worst, they have told a bunch of other students in the school. I get random kids coming up to me and asking about my dinosaur. I try not to go to into it, but I have told them that I will bring it to class in October. This should give me sufficient time to figure out how I am going to bring an extinct animal to class. Don't judge me.

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Connie said...

LOL. Oh Lisa!! I'm so glad I found your blog!! ^_^ hehe. And I'm excited to see you bring that dinosaur to class... ^o^