Sunday, September 6, 2009


My boyfriend. Okay, not really.

All I can think about right now on a sunday evening is how I missed the BYU/OU football game. I've spent the last hour trying to find clips, reading stats, and even got a bad virus (cleaned up, hopefully, by a wonderful roommate) when I clicked on some dumb link. Then, I realized how I am going to probably miss every game. During my last BYU football game as a student, last touchdown of the game, I got to go down to the field and shoot the cannon. How sweet is that? Either way, I am really sad that I can't go to the games or even watch them.

Favorite things about football games, besides the game, which I do watch so stop thinking what you're thinking, at BYU:

1) Cosmo. I know, pathetic. But, I just love the cougar.
2) The cosmo videos at the end of the 3rd quarter. Lame, but still great.
3) Tiger's Blood snowies. Mmmmm. Although, I don't like the bees that hang out at the flavor dispenser thingys.
4) Trying to find a ride to the game. Probably one of my favorites was Seth taking me on the motorcycle and then going back to the apt. to get Megan to meet me. All after backpacking for two days. Oh are the greatest. My other favorite, even though it wasn't me, was my brother and his roommate getting picked up by the girl's soccer coach on a golf cart. haha.
5) The fight song. My mom used to sing it to me to wake me up and I did not like it then. But, now I sing it by choice. Rise and shout, baby!
6) Seeing my grandpa at the games, during halftime, in his sweet orange hunting beanies.
7) Friends...I miss them so much, sappy, I know, but I don't care.
8) Not studying so I can go to a game...I graduated, so I guess it didn't matter :)
9) Wearing blue

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