Friday, August 27, 2010


i went to portland for 4 days for work. i'd been there before, but i really noticed this time how beautiful that city is.

i am sitting in an elevator shaft. it just so happens to be where a woman died as well. they made the restaurant really creepy. we had to go in twos into the bathroom because it was so dark.

keep portland weird.

i look stupid in this picture, but the important part is the voodoo donut sign. tons of weird donuts- the shapes and the toppings. some were a little inappropriate, but i won't say anything further.

this one goes out to the parking lot garden.

the rose garden. it was really peaceful and just as beautiful.

a friend i met there who is lds had a cousin who was living in portland for the summer. he took us there one of night. it is an incredibly beautiful temple. i can't wait until i can see it during the day.

some words of wisdom for one lance armstrong.

the most incredible bookstore in the world. really. i bought maybe 8 books and it cost me 19 dollars. i could have spent forever in there.

the window displays were so pretty. that might sound lame, but really, there were tons of cool displays.

some of the fun people i met.

go to portland. this is not a paid advertisement.

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Shan said...

I love Portland! I haven't been able to spend a ton of time there, but since it's Seattle's sister city, I have always had a fondness for it in my heart. And missy, I keep on seeing you in pictures with people I know. Do you work with Brittany? She and I were in the same ward for 2 years. She's a gem!