Sunday, August 22, 2010

who wants to go to burley?

a lot of catching up to do...

oh boy, i got to go to burley. im so lucky. my dear friend morgan was headed off to the mission field so i had to pay her one last visit. especially because she's from burley.

this is her backyard. i had a good laugh about it. the snake river, windmill, cows, and horses.

burley! morgan lives on the outskirts of town on the highway. we made sure to drive into town to see all of the highlights. the fairgrounds, albertson's, and the lone hotel proved the best highlights.

it was great to be there altogether again. these are the same girls that were with me in thailand! oh the fun we had there....

i can't forget this wonderful moment. morgan told us that we needed to drive 7 miles exactly before we would see the freeway entrance. so we drove exactly 7 miles and NOTHING. we drove a couple more and still nothing. there were no businesses anywhere to stop and ask so we did the only normal thing and stopped at a random house. turns out the freeway entrance was 18 miles. haha. 18!!

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Shan said...

Look at you in your skinny jeans! What a beautiful reminds me a bit of Sue's orchard and the whatever river it was by. Lovely.