Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Hospital.

Sitting in the waiting room with just a little thin robe on. Sunny was not very happy at the hospital. Privacy is not really an issue here. perfect.

I covered up as much as I could.

One of the secretaries took us to the hospital and was laughing at me and taking pictures. (If you click on the picture you can see the needle in me.) You get a number (like a fast food place)...they call your number, you sit down next to a bunch of other people getting their blood drawn, they do it and you are out in 1 minute. Very efficient. They do not care if it hurts or not- which, I think is kind of good- toughens the kids.

I've never had more fun. I laughed the whole time we were there. Of course I had only been in the country for ten or so hours so I was probably a little loopy (I know, I am never like that), but still. I am applying for residency so I needed to get a physical. For some reason we had to go to the hospital. It is really cheap (as in under ten dollars with no insurance) to go basically anywhere- dentist, acupuncture, doctor visit, all prescriptions covered, and actually pretty safe and clean. I got my blood drawn, an uncomfortable x-ray, height/weight on this nifty machine, blood pressure, and I even had an interview in chinese and hand signals. Basically it was just a fun experience. My favorite part will still be sitting in the waiting room in a very thin robe with 30 people around me.

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