Tuesday, July 28, 2009


For the past couple weeks I have been trying to figure out what level my first graders are at and what they have already learned. During writing today I told them to write a story about anything they wanted- it just had to be at least six sentences. This is what I got.

Aladdin found a genie. The genie is big and it is blue. He gave Aladdin a wish. He wished to have a kiss from a princess. The princess wanted to give a kiss. Aladdin and princess are happy.

One day there was a princess named Miss Lisa. She is very pretty. And she is smart. But one time she saw a prince. And the prince saw her. They are very happy so they got married. (This one is my favorite...such a simple, lovely story).

One day, teacher wanted everyone to draw a fish. Bing's mother go to buy fish. Bing looked at the gray fish and Bing yelled, you throw away fish! Mother sayed we need to cut fish so we can eat it. Bing and mom go home and everyone eat fishes except for Bing don't want to eat fishes. Bing is sad the fishes shirt is gone. Bing looked water inside fishes and drawed it. Tomorrow teacher wanted everyone to show fish. Emily draw two red fishes. Belinda draw yellow fish and Jason draw five big fishes.

One time there was an ant. The ant was small. The ant's name was Max. Max liked to eat ice cream and candy. Max was eating the ice cream and candy. A person ate the ice cream candy, and Max.

One day there was a princess named Miss Lisa. She played outside and saw a tiger. The tiger wanted to eat Miss Lisa. Miss Lisa said, You are crazy! The tiger ate Miss Lisa.


Daywalker said...

Ok the last story is golden. You told a lion he was crazy and he ate you anyways. Hilarious

This is your cuz Devin by the way

JenLee said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah the last one is my favorite and pretty realistic too because Lisa would totally say, "You are crazy" to a tiger that was thinking about eating her.

Yo mama said...

That is a very scary story. You are not to ever go near a tiger again but if for some strange reason you do then please don't backtalk to him. Also run away fast. This is your mother and it is darn good advice!