Sunday, July 5, 2009

Welcome to my new home.

Here is my school- Berhan Language School! I live on the fourth floor. I heard today that it is the most prestigious english school in the city. I should have known since they have me working for them.

If you are reading this, then you are probably on a picture on my wall. Also, it is a good thing that I have a mosquito net since I already have 25 bites.
Here is the rest of the room. You can call it my bachelor pad, but for a girl.

The living room. Super exciting.

the bathroom. Even more exciting.

A kitchen.

With all of the necessities.

Taiwan LOVES to recycle, everything. It takes me more time to figure out where my garbage goes then to actually eat. There is one for food garbage, trash, glass, aluminum, plastic, clean paper, and dirty paper. O yea, the garbage truck plays music that sounds like the ice cream man. It is super rad. And, they will not take your trash unless it is separated correctly. geez. I'm going green.

The classy hallway.

Washer/Dryer room/balcony minus the dryer.

My backyard. What more could you ask for? A basketball hoop, 20 bikes, and fake grass.

Part of the roof.

People love to dry their stuff on their balcony.

Our roof....just like an Asian New York City. It is a nice place to work out at 6 am when it is still semi-cool. I'm thinking about planting a garden- sans Just Like Heaven.

Our classy classy tilework.

Just a cute little toilet for the little kids. It is seriously super tiny.

My new pad is definitely different from anywhere I have ever lived before. Thankfully we have air conditioning and I keep it at 21 degrees so I can stop sweating when I've walked up the four flights of stairs in 300 percent humidity. I have 9 other roommates who are from all over- Washington, Idaho, Utah, California, Hawaii, etc. I'm going to teach kindergarten and 1st grade starting tomorrow. I might or might not have some students named Zero, Lion, and Aragon (without the r). I live in a city called Feng Yuan that has about 400,000, all Asian. I have seen one other white person besides the teachers at my school. The people here are so kind and helpful. Most people do not speak English, which makes it difficult, but also makes for some funny situations...I am determined to learn Chinese. I will be starting a Chinese class at the University and Tai Chi every week in the next month. I get a lot of good stares, mostly by old people and little kids. A lot has happened and I have seen so much already, but it will have to wait for another day. I'm still getting over jet lag. A week later.


JenLee said...

Ah, I can´t believe you live there! It actually looks really nice. And I love the recycling. People here probably don´t know what that word means. They throw anything out of bus windows if they don´t want it anymore. Yay! I´m so excited for you! Good luck with teaching this week!

Linds said...