Thursday, July 23, 2009

I like being a teacher.

Hopefully I'll still love it in a couple of months...

* I love little Cooper who moves his mat to come sit next to me. He tries to hold my hand and kiss me. He also says, "I lub you." It melts my heart. I also started calling him chunk sometimes because he is chubby and he repeats it to me and it makes me laugh so hard.

* I love how Jason CANNOT sit still in his chair. He now sits in a desk right next to mine. He loves it. The other kids are jealous and when he was absent for the week on vacation they fought over who would get to sit there.

* I love the one angel student in my smaller kindergarten class, Jessica. I think all of the other children are possessed, but she is always sweet and smiles at me even though she doesn't know what I'm saying. haha.

* I love that Emily brings a snack EVERY DAY to class and walks around to every desk placing the treat on it instead of handing it to each student.

* I love when Lori does the hokey pokey and she puts her right and left hip in- it makes me want to die she is so cute. I will get a video of her doing it and you will understand. I also love when they put there nose in and they scrunch up their little faces.

* I also love how Carol giggles all the time and would be perfectly happy to just sit on my lap all day long.

* I love this huge mat that they have which I put into the shape of a house when they are being good. They are obsessed with it- all we do is sit inside and say our numbers and sing the alphabet, but they cannot get enough. The second they see me touch the mat they are screaming at me using any english word they can think of.

* I love when Yvonne comes to class with a mask on her face because she is sick- everything she tries to say is all mumbled.

* I love how much my first graders love our secret handshake and pokemon cheer.

* I love that my kindergarteners discovered group hugs today. One of the kids was sad so I asked if she needed a hug. I hugged her and all the other kids came to hug her too and we ended up having a dog pile of hugs with everyone laughing.

* I love how Cindy can also not sit still and can never stop dancing. She has got some moves, let me tell you.

* I love how often my students will say something to me and I have NO clue what they are saying.

* I love how Dream takes care of Rex (who we think has autism). She puts her arm around him and sits next to him when most of the other kids ignore him.

* I love how Emily and Jemmy come to class all tired and solemn and by the second hour they are seriously crazy.

* I love when I say something in Chinese to my students and they bust up laughing- they apparently do not realize how much I have to hold back from laughing at them whenever they speak english.

* I love how much my first graders are obsessed with four corners and red light, green light.

* I love when they say, Good morning Miss Lisa.

* I love how Dream and Stanley chug their water so they can have me sneak them cold water from the spout, which I do gladly. In Taiwan, they believe you should not drink or eat cold things when it is hot. So the secretaries fill the kids' water bottles with luke warm water. sick.

* I love when my first graders want to tell me something so badly and they can't think of how to say it in english so they ask me if they can ask another student. (The kids are not allowed to speak Chinese). So they whisper in the person's ear and they all try to figure it out by explaining it or drawing it on the board.

I am excited to love even more things.

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Lauren said...

How sweet!!! Your students sound too cute... what an amazing experience you must be having over there! Keep the updates coming -- I love reading about it!