Sunday, August 30, 2009

Taipei: Take Two

I love that I have a temple to go to that is only 3 hours away. Two months ago, I had a temple that was 3 minutes away. In some ways, it is easier to go to the temple here. You have to make a plan to go, but in Provo those plans could change too quickly. I also really love being in a different country and going to the temple. They only have 2 baptism sessions in a week...both on Saturday. So, when we got there, it was pretty crowded and they only have one changing room for girls. So, we sat in a room upstairs in the temple with other people who were waiting. One of the women played the piano and we sang hymns. The woman only could play a couple songs, so after she stopped, one woman (in broken english) asked my roommate and I to start singing songs and then they would join along. This means we do a duet, while they try to figure out where they start singing in chinese. Lucky for me I have a superstar voice (not). It is also really hard to remember the english words while everyone is singing chinese. Sometimes we would resort to singing in chinese...even though I am positive we butchered it. Either way, it was just really peaceful and beautiful. I love how music can touch peoples' souls.

There is a big office building and church on the temple grounds. When I walked into the church before going to the temple, the first person I saw was my good friend Kim Chang. She is fabulous. We stared at each other for a good 10 seconds and then started laughing. Seriously a blessing. While walking to the temple from the train station, I was talking to my friend Vivian. She is only 17 and said to me how she wanted to go inside the temple one day. I told her she should try her hardest to do just that because it is so worth it. When we were at the temple, she was going to have nothing to do, until I saw Kim. Sister Chang gave her a tour and talked to her more about the church. I also got Sis Chang's cellular digits so I can call her when I am back in Taipei. She is a temple square missionary, but is also a proselyting missionary. It is so wonderful to see people here that I have known before. It's like a little piece of home.

This is Janae, Me, Fenny, and Vivian.

We went to a huge night market afterwards in Taipei and found this little guy. He was for sale...for about 75 US dollars. Weird.

Okay, I think this is one of the weirdest things I have seen here so far. I saw one of those machines with the claw that you can grab stuff with (which are also impossible to win at...even though I have won a couple times in my day) these things in it. I regretted not taking a picture, but luckily I found another store that was selling them. It is fake bread. Don't worry though, it smells like bread. What the ?? People buy this stuff and I have NO clue what it is for. I love it though.

Here is the cute little group. Colin was also there, but he ducked when the picture was being I hit him.


Jena and Jason said...

Hey are you endowed? By the way I would have bought that pig in a heart beat. I always wanted a lil pig on a leash.

Connie said...

hehe...I think I figured out what the fake bread is for...those skinny little girls who don't want to gain weight by actually EATING the bread. They can smell the bread. Squish the bread. just not eat it.