Sunday, August 16, 2009

Churchy church

Many of you probably thought I moved over here to escape church...but I didn't!! jk. lame joke. I love church. We go to the international branch that takes a 15 min walk, 40 min bus ride, 5 min walk. The average time from start to finish is about 6 1/2 hours for church. The branch consists of about 10 teachers, a senior missionary couple who are SO wonderful (they work in the mission office), the mission president and his wife, the ap missionaries, 5 families that have 2 kids each, and a few other people. The average attendence is probably 30. Just a little different from BYU.

When I went to church the first time, the first person I saw at the front door was my friend Kristy! Now she is back from her mission, but it was fun to see her every sunday for a little bit.

Today, two members of the stake spoke so we needed translators. One of the ap's who is a native chinese speaker translated (he does not really know guess is they thought it would help him improve). It was so funny. The woman speaking would say something and if it was too long the missionary would start making scared, nervous faces. His eyes would get big and he would make this funny smile...and you could tell he was trying so hard to figure out what to say. Basically I got out that the talk was on 'grateful.' I will try and remember to be. The woman was so cute though. She was nervous because she didn't know english. I feel bad sometimes because they feel bad that they don't speak english...which makes no sense! I should be the one who feels bad (I do, don't worry) because I invaded their country.

That's me!

This a nice little full size view of church.

This is the branch president's son. Oh my goodness is he cute. When I sing songs to him he cannot control laughing (and not because I sound bad...) and it makes me laugh even is way contagious. His mom says he just LOVES music.

Look at that face. I wish I could just have an assortment of children to play with at my every whim.

She has got attitude, personality, and a super cute face.

Here is Kristy and I...darling.

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