Monday, August 10, 2009

Typhoons are not good...

I take back the last comment. Turns out this typhoon was not so great.

It has killed people in the Phillipines, Taiwan, and now China. I stayed inside for 3 days- church and school canceled. It can be pretty claustrophobic/horrible sitting inside for 3 days, reading the news, feeling sad for the families, and celebrating your bday (do not ask how old i am)... I'm grateful that all I had to deal with was claustrophobia and super crazy wind/rain howling through the night and day, while there were so many others who were trying to save their family members. This is definitely not what I expected when I heard that a typhoon was coming and we would have no school...Please pray for the families and people over here.

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brad said...

prayer indeed.

i am glad you are ok, and hope you had a good indoors birthday