Sunday, August 16, 2009

What should my fingers do in this picture??

This is the hardest class I have. I know, when you look at them you would never think it. It is mostly because of one of those twin boys. BUT, it is getting better through lots of trial and error. (The picture is missing my other little girl student, Joy).

This is Evan. Except he says his name is 'Eban.' He is THE cutest child/little elf at the school. He is pint size. It is quite cute. He is OBSESSED with the word saturday and the color blue. He will just yell out my name as loud and high pitched as he can while also screaming saturday. I have no clue why he has this obsession, but it can be pretty cute (and maybe sometimes loud and overwhelming). They sit on mats during class sometimes and I hand out these tokens...he will only take the token if it is blue and sit on a mat if it is blue.
I have no clue why they do these random poses with their fingers in a V or poking their face. It is strange. Most kids here do not know how to smile, but this little one sure does...and it melts your heart.

This is Harry. He is so funny. He always comes into class all solemn. After a few days, I started asking him if he was sad or happy. He usually says happy in a quiet little voice, except for this one time when he looked extra sad. He just looked at me and said, 'teacher, i'm sad.' Talk about breaking your heart. Now, to prevent this boy from being sad in class, the second he comes into class, I pick him up, throw him over my shoulder, and spin him around. He giggles so much and is happy the rest of the class. At the beginning of class now I make crazy faces for the kids because they, for some reason, get a huge kick out of it. They make crazy faces too, but are quite bad at it. Crazy faces means you do not look cute, but these kids still do. When I took my camera out they never wanted to stop making crazy faces into the camera.

This is Jessica. Now that she knows the words, 'I want,' she screams them at the top of her lungs. She is quite the little helper and always pulls my shirt when I am setting up class to ask (in body language) if she can help set up the board. She also has the worst teeth I have ever seen in my life. seriously. Most of them are gone or almost completely rotting away. Parents here don't really care about their childrens' baby teeth. The boys always bump into her and she gives them a dirty is so funny.

This is Lion. Yes, Lion. He is one of the twins. And boy does he know how to do the macarena. It is adorable. I also have no clue what he is doing in this pose. Kids do the most random stuff here. Also, his glasses are so cute...especially when he takes them off and cleans them on his shirt. haha.
This is Justin. The other twin (the naughty one). Again, I do not understand this hand positioning thing...fingers in the mouth, really? Either way he is still cute. Whenever he hits someone else, I take him aside with that kid and I tell him it was not nice. After the three words I speak to him, he starts crying. I have no clue why because I definitely do not act mad and he is not the one who was hit. I'm still trying to figure him out completely. I think he just needs a lot of positive attention.

Here are the little devils. Too bad they are so adorable.

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